30A Fly Traps Opens for Second Season in South Walton


30A Fly Traps, a locally owned company created in 2019, is taking new orders in the wake of COVID-19 so their customers can enjoy their outdoor space at home without being bothered by yellow flies. 30A Fly Traps’ specially crafted sphere traps are more efficient, cost-effective, and appealing to the eye than the typical yellow [...]

Costa Enterprises McDonald’s Celebrates Retirement of Long-Tenured Employee


Costa Enterprises McDonald’s is celebrating the retirement of one of their most loyal employees, Tom Poling, after 37 years with the company. Poling began working at the Navarre McDonald’s in 1984. Over the course of three decades, Poling has dedicated his time with the company to providing top-of-the-line leadership, customer service, and a positive outlook [...]

Costa Enterprises McDonald’s Offers “Thank You Meals” for First Responders


Beginning, Wednesday, April 22,Costa Enterprises McDonald’s will be offering free “Thank You Meals” for all first responders including healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, and paramedics with a valid ID, badge, or uniform. This is a part of a national initiative created by McDonald’s to say thank you to those who have been putting themselves on [...]

Walton Area Chamber of Commerce Advocates for Revised Emergency Declaration Executive Order


The president of the Walton Area Chamber of Commerce, Megan Harrison, successfully advised the Board of Walton County Commissioners, Walton County legal counsel, and administration to add an updated addendum to the pre-existing emergency declaration executive order that declares property damage related to COVID-19. Resolutions 2020-25 and 2020-29 make no mention of property damage being [...]

PPR x Jessica: Quarantine Guide


We are officially one month into this quarantine situation trying to find our new normal. It’s scary, it’s weird, and the unknown is completely terrifying BUT with everything in life, there’s always a silver lining, right? That’s been my intention since day one of completely transforming our lives. Is to really embrace this time [...]

PPR x Lexi: Quarantine Guide


We’ve compiled a recap of some of the things each of us are doing on a daily basis to keep ourselves busy and entertained during the quarantine. As a work-from-home pro, Lexi is here to make sure you’re challenging yourself while you’re staying in. What I’m Watching: The Wild and [...]

PPR x Taylor: Quarantine Guide


We’ve compiled a recap of some of the things each of us are doing on a daily basis to keep ourselves busy and entertained during the quarantine. First up, Taylor is sharing everything from recipes to binge-worthy TV shows, to help you navigate this unsettling time while still making the most of your days [...]

Costa Enterprises McDonald’s Serves 9,056 Free Meals to Hospital Employees in Northwest Florida Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic


Costa Enterprises McDonald’s served 9,056 free combo meals to medical workers as a part of their “Free Meals for Heroes” initiative which launched on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 and ended on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. Costa Enterprises McDonald’s created the initiative as a way to say “thank you” to all of the men and women [...]

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