PPR x Jessica: Quarantine Guide

We are officially one month into this quarantine situation trying to find our new normal. It’s scary, it’s weird, and the unknown is completely terrifying BUT with everything in life, there’s always a silver lining, right? That’s been my intention since day one of completely transforming our lives. Is to really embrace this time as a blessing and try to do all of the things I never made time or had the time to do before. Professionally, we are so THANKFUL to be staying busy at Proffitt PR so thought it’d be fun to share what we are doing personally with all of this additional spare time we’ve been blessed with.

What I’m Cooking: EVERYTHING

If the quarantine has taught me one thing, it’s how to COOK! Well, kind of. I never made time or enjoyed being in the kitchen. I left it all to my darling husband to handle. Now that we have plenty of time on our hands, we pour ourselves a nice glass of wine and cook together. Not only is it therapeutic but it’s been a bonding experience for Levin and I to be together, laugh at each other (well him at me) and have fun in the kitchen. We live a stone’s throw away from Publix, so we used to grocery shop literally every day and shop for that night’s dinner. Now, I’ve taught myself how to buy groceries in bulk and plan our meals for the week (breakfast, lunch AND dinner. I can’t even remember the last time I ate three meals a day!?). So, it’s been quite the challenge!

Local real estate owner, Erin Oden told me about Instacart and now I have my groceries delivered to my front doorstep. Hello sanitation! The precious couple who dropped off groceries this week looked me in the eyes and thanked me for using the service because they owned a beach chair company that is obviously out of work and they were grateful for the business. Truly made it all worth it.

We’ll treat ourselves to food to go from time to time to support our local businesses. We have gotten crawfish pick up and a Stank juice from Stinky’s, BBQ from Back Beach Barbecue, and have our wine delivered from Shunk Gulley Liquor Store! To get out of the house, we’ll head out to Idyll Hounds for some ice-cold local brews and wave from afar to our friends out on Serenoa Road. Our beverages of choice right now are Dirty Martinis with 98 Distillery Vodka, ice cold Margaritas, Idyll Hounds Boosch IPA, and a new cab I discovered at Shunk – Juggernaut Cab. So good and reasonably priced.

What I’m Doing: Playing outside {responsibly}

We have been so lucky with some of the best weather we’ve ever experienced at the beach this last month, so we try to get outside and do something to work up a sweat. {It definitely helps the monotony of quarantine} We drop our kayaks in the bay or Western Lake in Grayton and paddle for hours on end. {This is a very good social distancing activity to share with friends!} South Walton also has so many beautiful trails that we explore with our dog Champ from Long Leaf off of 283 to the trails behind Watercolor, they are beautiful and such a fun way to get a workout in. We’ve also been riding our bikes quite a bit all over South Walton. If the weather is bad, I hop on my Peloton. Not only can you bike with Peloton, but it has free classes you can do so I’ve been trying out yoga, stretching, and meditating.

What I’m Watching: Ozark Season 3, The Hills, What About Bob

If any of you know me, know I’m not a TV or movie person. I have zero patience to sit still. Well with all of this time on our hands, what better opportunity to try the ol’ Netflix and chill? I will say, Ozark has always been a favorite so when they announced season 3, we popped the popcorn and binged! I then went down a nostalgic hole of “The Hills” and watched 6 seasons as I organized every drawer in my house. When I was younger, I learned every word to the classic, What About Bob and happened to come across it on Amazon Prime recently so have been falling asleep to that at night. Bill Murray, I love you. DON’T HASSLE ME, I’M LOCAL!

What I’m Wearing: Workout Clothes

It’s been fun pulling out every single piece of athleisure I own (out of my perfectly organized, Marie Kondo’d drawers) and since laundry is no longer a chore and something I actually look forward to, I try to wear something different every single day. I’m a lululemon snob not because of the name brand but because they’re truly the best quality and fit in my opinion. I wake up every morning, read my devotional, wash my face, and throw on my work out clothes. I tell myself if I’m wearing them, I have to sweat somehow that day. It’s a daily challenge.

Other things I’m doing to try to create a ‘new normal’ and consider some of these small victories! Or just fun new things I’m trying out, because what better time than now?!

  • Make my bed every single day
  • Walk my dog at least 4 times a day
  • Laying out the good ol’ fashioned way in my back yard
  • Completely redecorating our house and back deck
  • Consistently staying in touch with family and friends whether by phone or virtual happy hour
  • Trying new make-up and ways to wear it. Also, hair, playing with different styles and tools that I never had the time to do before. {I’ll randomly give myself an up-do and throw on my favorite pair of designer shades before a hike, because, why not?!)
  • Taking a very therapeutic (no phone) bath every single night
  • Organizing every single thing in our house from the kitchen to our closets to the garage. Slowly but surely, getting this house in order!
  • I created a MASSIVE personal to do list and I make sure I check an item off the list every single day. Feeling so accomplished with each check!
  • Giving myself my own mani and pedi’s
  • DEEP CLEANING our house like a mad woman. Because cleanliness is Godliness, right?
  • Spending SO MUCH quality time with my parents.