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Hustle with Heart

Alaqua Animal Refuge

Making our resolutions a reality! We made a commitment to volunteer as a team for a different local charity every month in 2019. We kicked off the year with baby goat snuggles and puppy kisses at Alaqua Animal Refuge. Fun Fact: You can donate old towels, sheets and blanket to Alaqua and they will use them for sick or disabled animals, to line puppy pins, or to offer warmth and comfort when the temperature drops. We throughly enjoyed giving back and helping the numerous animals that Alaqua has in their care and we extend the challenge to you and your team to do the same! Click here to learn more about volunteering and other ways to help. 

Food For Thought Outreach

Every month we like to #HustleWithHeart by volunteering at different local charities. Today we decided to lend a hand at Food For Thought Outreach Inc by packing backpacks for local students! Each of these backpacks contained food for students to have during the weekend at home. We learned about the various efforts Food for Thought has developed throughout Walton and Okaloosa counties as well as future plans for the years to come.

Their overall mission is to remove the negative impacts of hunger, and empower a child to get the most out of their education and development by providing them weekly access to healthy, easy to prepare meals. Recently, they launched the Food for Thought Lunch Club. The premise is, for $10 a month, you can provide two backpacks that will feed hungry children in our area. So, instead of dining out every day, bring your lunch to work and save to give!

All you have to do is sign up to donate $10/month: http://bit.ly/brownbaglunchclub.

The Sonder Project

Hustle with Heart March edition: The Sonder Project! A few of the PPR girls headed east last week and helped put the finishing touches on a home that The Sonder Project was building for a family who lost everything in Panama City Beach. There is still so much devastation in the area even after so many months. We were happy to lend a helping hand wherever it was needed so a family could have a home again.

3 of 12 months down that we rolled up our sleeves and helped a local charity. We challenge YOU to do the same!