30A Fly Traps Opens for Second Season in South Walton

30A Fly Traps, a locally owned company created in 2019, is taking new orders in the wake of COVID-19 so their customers can enjoy their outdoor space at home without being bothered by yellow flies.

30A Fly Traps’ specially crafted sphere traps are more efficient, cost-effective, and appealing to the eye than the typical yellow fly traps that are mass-produced or made by the homeowner themselves. 30A Fly Traps offers customers from Destin to Santa Rosa Beach a hassle-free means to take back their summer living or outdoor business areas.

For $30 per trap, local couple, Duncan and Alissa Greer, will coordinate with each client from a safe, social distance where the traps should be placed for optimal use and then deliver and hang each trap accordingly. Each trap is then sprayed with Tangletrap Tangle-foot sticky coating to begin catching flies.

To avoid the hassle, mess, and headache that comes with pestering yellow flies, 30A Fly Traps promises to take care of everything and deal with the logistics of solving the yellow fly problem around customer’s homes or businesses.  Each trap lasts for about two months and orders for the season, which kicks off Mother’s Day weekend, can be placed online at 30Aflytraps.com.