Costa Enterprises McDonald’s Awards $106,434 Through Archways to Opportunity Program in 2019

Throughout 2019, Costa Enterprises McDonald’s awarded over $106,434 to their employees and employees’ families through Archways to Opportunity, a comprehensive education strategy created by McDonald’s comprised of multiple programs that give people an opportunity to grow and learn, no matter where they are on their journey. 

Since the programs were created in April 2015, over 50,000 restaurant employees across the country have enrolled. Archways to Opportunity Programs are available to McDonald’s employees and the employees of participating independent franchisees. Each program can help employees on their path to success including improve English skills, earn a high school diploma, working toward a college degree, and helping them to make an education or career plan with advisors. Some of these benefits go beyond the scope of the company and are also extended to immediate family of eligible employees. 

“As a family, we want to take care of those who dedicate so much to us and the company so that they have the opportunity to achieve the highest level of education possible,” said David Costa, CEO of Costa Enterprises McDonald’s. “No matter what their path or avenue may be, it’s important that they have access to those necessary tools and resources in order to set themselves, and their families, up for optimal success in life.”

The Archways to Opportunity Program is one of many charitable giving outlets under Costa Cares, a program established by Costa Enterprises McDonald’s with the mission to provide outstanding community service through various fundraising efforts such as supporting local schools, partnering with churches, involvement in international and national charities, and offering any help or services that the community may need. Costa Enterprises continues to give back to the community, including the most recent donation to build the new “McPlayroom” for the Ronald McDonald House Room located inside Pensacola’s Studer Children’s Hospital, as well as annual programs such as the Teacher Appreciation Cards that are hand delivered to local schools, and past programs such as McCafe With A Cause, a charitable program Costa created that donates a portion of coffee sales back to local organizations in need. Costa Enterprises McDonald’s is also a lifetime donor to the Northwest Florida State College Foundation. To learn more about Costa Enterprises McDonald’s community efforts, visit