A Beach Walk Celebration

Thanks to Beach Walk Café, I won the fiancé of the YEAR award! It was that time of the year again to plan a birthday dinner for my fiancé, Lucas, and knowing how extra I can be when planning a celebration for others, I only wanted the absolute best for his special evening. I searched for “the BEST” places for birthday dinners in Destin and found myself booking at the one and only: Beach Walk Café.


Upon arriving at the hidden secret gem that is The Henderson Beach Walk Café, we were immediately greeted with complimentary valet parking from the most pleasant attendants. After dropping off our vehicle, we walked into the most beautiful, yet quaint Bed and Breakfast. Yet again, we were instantly welcomed with warm smiling faces from all of the staff members. Without delay, we were shown to our table and informed of their extended wine list as well as their full bar. Melissa, our server, was accommodating and excellent in every single way to say the least. To great extent, she offered many recommendations from the diverse menu, bar, and wine list. We began the night with cocktails and a hand-selected wine bottle suggested by Michael, the food and beverage manager. To kick things off and prepare our palettes for the flavor-filled evening ahead of us, we were treated to an Amuse-bouche. After enjoying our lovely cocktails and wine, we were prepared to order appetizers.

After reading through various appetizer options, everything sounded so tasty that we knew we just hadto try it all! Zesty flavors galore – we ordered sea scallops wrapped in bacon, spicy chili Thai shrimp, crunchy fried green tomatoes, and delectable crab cakes. We ate every bit of the mouth-watering appetizers sitting before us. After a prompt refill, we were ready for our main course, which we already knew would not disappoint in the slightest. The table agreed upon two orders of lobster tails as well as two filets. Our exquisite main dishes were accompanied with a plethora of sides consisting of lobster mac n’ cheese, roasted asparagus, creamy risotto, marinated mushrooms, and crispy fingerling potatoes!

Our table quickly fell silent as everyone shifted their focus to diving into their delicious main courses. With only compliments and disbelief over the delicious food in front us, I was confident I made the right choice for Lucas’s birthday dinner. After just a few shared bites and passing the sides around, everyone was quickly in agreement that this was a meal we simply wouldn’t forget! Everything was cooked to perfection and served piping hot. Melissa was great with checking on us, making sure that our glasses weren’t ever empty and that we were fully taken care of the entire time. After enjoying the abundance of food we ordered, we all took a breather and then collectively reached for the dessert menu, as we were ready to finish off this celebration the right way. The dessert menu was full of many heavenly options, and we chose the key lime pie as well as the crème brûlée – delightful and extremely filling, what a sweet way to finish off a truly astonishing evening.

Overall, this dinner experience was top notch and one of the best that I have ever been part of. The atmosphere, food, and everyone, from the staff of Melissa and Michael, to the chefs cooking in the back, made this dinner truly wonderful. One of our guest members even had an egg allergy and the staff was incredibly knowledgeable of their menu when it came to assisting with decisions to accommodate us. If you asked me if the staff or food was better, I honestly couldn’t decide… because both were outstanding! I am overjoyed with how this night went and I highly recommend a date night, a family dinner, or even just the casual pop in for dinner here, at Beach Walk Café. Whether it’s freshly caught seafood, a perfectly cooked steak, or just a cocktail along with scenic views that you’re after, this place has it all!

Sea you next time at the Beach Walk Café!