Destin Water Users and South Walton Utility Company Announces Completion of Thirteenth Well at Rockhill Well Field

Destin, Fla. (April 18, 2018)– On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Destin Water Users (DWU) and South Walton Utility Company, Inc. (SWUCI) gathered to celebrate the completion of the thirteenth alternative water supply well at Rockhill Well Field.

From left to right: Mike Richardson (SWUCI), Rick Scali (DWU), Jimmy Neilson (DWU), Jim Foreman (DWU), Bill McQuillan (SWUCI), Steve Dixon (SWUCI), Dave Brown (SWUCI), Tom Weidenhamer (DWU), Jack Lubker (SWUCI).

Beginning construction in 2016, the completion of this development marks the sixth well on Rockhill Well Field property and the thirteenth well in SWUCI’s system. Beginning in 1982, the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD) began work on a Regional Water Supply Development Plan in response to rapid growth in the Destin and South Walton areas.  Multiple studies showed the limitations of the coastal wells that were supplying water to the residents of the area and the stress they were under due to population density.

In 1996 Water Resources Partners (WRP) was formed between DWU and SWUCI to work with the NWFWMD to develop an alternative water supply.  The NWFWMD and WRP named Rockhill Well Field as the preferred location for this new endeavor.  Rockhill Well Field, located in Freeport, Florida, is an inland well field that draws water from the Floridan Aquifer. Established in 2001, the Rockhill Well Field aimed to provide a safe and reliable alternative drinking water source to Destin and the beaches of South Walton County.

Since its use as the alternative water supply, Rockhill Well Field has relieved pressure on the coastal wells operating in the DWU and SWUCI systems. There are currently six wells at the Rockhill Wellfield, all of which serve the members of SWUCI and DWU, which includes property owners and residents from Goldsby Road west to the Marler Bridge.

“The completion of the thirteenth well marks a huge accomplishment for both Destin Water Users and South Walton Utility Company, Inc.” said DWU General Manager, Lockwood Wernet. “We are grateful for all those involved who helped build the alternative supply wells at Rockhill Well Field that have now helped relieve the stress that was put on our coastal water wells.”

DWU and SWUCI believe that the installation of this thirteenth well will adequately support the population density in the Destin and Miramar Beach areas through build-out.

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